Marketing without Money

The most difficult part of the life of a real estate agent is finding prospects that want to list or buy property. There are so many companies trying to sell agents leads. Whether it is a referral database, internet advertising, or a subscription to a lead generation program the goal is to separate agents from their money with lots of promises and little success. There is no easy way to grab the business in the real estate industry. But, it is possible to become highly successful without paying someone else to bring you loser leads.

Erin Alexander with Finally Social
Hosted by Laney Shorett

11235 SE 6th Street #130 – Bellevue, WA 98004

This will be an active class, so please bring your iPads/tablets/laptops and your phones.

Please write down and bring your questions that have to do with Social Media, Websites, Email marketing  or any other marketing that you may have. 

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