A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a logotype or wordmark.
— wikipedia


A logo sets the look and feel of all of your branding.  A logo can be your name, your company name, a design. It can evolve over time. Your logo is a single color or color scheme. When I create logos for my clients, I create WITH my clients. Whenever I can, I meet with my client either at my office or theirs and we create together. There is homework when you work with me. 

  • I have you look at all sorts of logos online - I want you to see all of the different designs, so you get a better idea on what you really like. You will copy and paste your top 10 favorite designs to share with me.

  • I have you look at fonts if you have words in your logo

  • I have you look for your color or color themes.

All of this will really help you start visualizing your brand - 

  • Picture your logo everywhere.

  • For me everything that I hand out or send, has my logo's and colors.

  • Every piece of paper I give to my clients is branded.

  • Every form that I give out. I have personalized pens and pads of paper.

  • All of my bags for Dream Big, Dream in Stages are teal and orange.

I think you get the point. 

Unless you are totally in love with what we create the first go around, I print out the versions that you like and I have you take it home and put the new logos around the house. So when you walk by it, you look at it, once you do this a few times you may not like the design, the fonts or the colors anymore. Trust me it happens. I will not let you settle for a logo that you do not love. It will represent you for a long time. 

*** Tip of the day - when you are showing it to all of your different family, friends and trusted business partners - make sure that any changes they suggest vibes with the audience that you are marketing to. 


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Girls Who Can | Facebook | Website
Girls Who Can is a community of women of all ages and backgrounds, created so women like me can surround themselves with women like you to support and to empower each other using our own unique voices and stories.

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Krista Riner Hefty | Keller Williams - Kirkland | Real Estate Agent | Kirkland, WA | Facebook

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Anna Crabtree | Coldwell Banker Park City Newpark  | Real Estate Agent | Park City, UT | Facebook | Website

Fit 4 Life - Jess McCurdy - Park City, Utah | Facebook | Website | every time I go to Park City I tell myself, this time I am going to work out with Jess! Then I get there and I realize that I need to work out for a while to work out with Jess! Just kidding. Jess is amazing! 

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Personal Trainer • Yoga Instructor • Sport Specific Team Training • Clean Eating

Facebook | Website

Becca Jae Styling - Becca Johnson - Seattle, WA | Facebook | Becca is my clothing stylist. When she helped me go through my closet we packed up 6 large garbage bags of clothes and 2 large bags of shoes! I need her to come back soon and do it again. You know when you go through your closet, you tend to hold on to clothes that you have been holding on to for YEARS? It is time for me to get rid of all of those clothes now:) Becca are you ready? Check out Becca on Facebook. 

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Shanna Morelli | John L Scott  | Real Estate Broker | Bellevue, WA | Facebook | Website

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Ferocious Gems by Debbie Marie Haggin - Olympia, WA | Facebook | Website | So much love and care put in to all of her designs. I had some beautiful turquoise rocks that I really wanted to wear as a necklace and she brought her wiring kit and proceeded to make the most beautiful custom piece that I can now wear on any of my silver chains! 



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Nicole Blondin | RE/MAX Town Center | Real Estate Broker | Marysville, WA | Facebook | Website

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Life Altaring Designs
Martha Early

Website and Social Media coming soon! 

Girlfriends Success Circle | Renessa Strong & Clem Lafrades | Eastside & Seattle, WA | Facebook | Website

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Shari Jansen | Avenue Properties | Luxury Real Estate Broker | Bellevue, WA | Facebook | Website

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Jean Schneider
Helping you develop confidence in your ability to create positive experiences with money.

Facebook | Website

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Tammy Gwinn & Lindsey Bundy | Avenue Properties | Real Estate Brokers | Lindsey Facebook | Tammy Facebook | Website

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Toni Burbridge
Strategic Visionista, specializing in grounding the big picture and giving it life.

Website coming soon!