Listing Request

The new webpage is not intended to replace the current “The Highlands” webpage.  Both webpages will run simultaneously. The objective is provide a fresh and modern outreach, designed to provide The Highlands Community information to prospective buyers and new home owners.    

I think we are all in agreement The Highlands Community is currently an undervalued “ gem” and this represents a prime for opportunity for buyers!  We would like to “ start a conversation” about this opportunity and will be promoting these new materials through media outreach over the next few months.

We have taken on the creative endeavor at our expense;  producing fresh original photography, video production and create the website.  We are excited about this project and would like extend an invitation for you to include your listings!

If you would like to position your property on the site, we are charging $200 per listing. This is a one-time charge per property address.  The fee covers webmaster input, any required changes and Open Houses input as they occur.

Call or email our website facilitator:

Erin Alexander